About Wüd Furniture Design

Wüd is more than luxury. It’s luxury for our time. Design that is elegant, yet still informal, steeped in fine art, yet eminently practical, at home anywhere people live and gather. It pleases, excites and invites. Our work combines innovative and contemporary designs with strong, classical joinery that makes it durable, even in locations that are not so kind. We think of it this way: furniture you display, but that you never have to place off limits. It’s not just precision-crafted. It’s crafted to endure.

Wüd was conceived in 2002 by its founder, Corey Springer, a sculpture design graduate from the University of Massachusetts. Springer’s work draws inspiration from Japanese design and his background in sculpture, both figuring prominently in his design process. There is also a clear emphasis on superb craftsmanship that is apparent in all of Wüd’s creations. The inspired and beautifully crafted creations include striking combinations such as Red Gum Wood and Pb-R, and Australian Walnut and HRS-R (Hot Rolled Steel encased in Resin).

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What is Pb-R

Pb-R is a unique, revolutionary material produced by encasing metal in a clear epoxy resin. The resulting surface is industrial looking yet incredibly smooth and delicate to the touch. It allows the aesthetic properties of the metal to show through while creating a sleek, resilient surface that resists scratches, heat and stains.

Why Pb-R

Pb-R combines functionality with a look that has universal appeal. It allows us to create a surface that is ideal for any residential or hospitality space because it imparts a sleek, modernist look while requiring very little maintenance. The Pb-R process can be used with almost any type of metal to offer an extraordinary palette of textures and colors for a wide range of functions and living environments.

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