Designed for everyday use

Two materials, joined as one, create the most luxurious and durable surfaces—exuding our ethos that duality is essential to design.

Original, handcrafted textures and patinas

We make all of the metal + resin surfaces in our Brooklyn studio, creating works of art that you can live with. Metal is cut and patinated, then cast in a non-toxic, non-porous epoxy resin to prevent further oxidation. With UV protection, metal + resin is a great choice for indoor spaces that receive sunlight. The final products are resistant to stains from ink, food, and liquids. They're also able to withstand light-to-medium heat and scratching. Even if a scratch appears, these surfaces can be refinished on-site to bring back their luster.

Make it your own

Our resilient metal + resin surfaces are perfect for tables, countertops, drawer fronts, doors, wall panels, backsplashes, and more. They artfully interact with light and other materials in a space, so you can seamlessly integrate them into any design project or application. With more than 20 finishes and 7 edge treatments to choose from, we can customize our materials to your vision with specific shape, size, and color designations.

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For residential or commercial projects, please send us an inquiry with specifications and we will send you a price quote. More information is also available on the FAQ page.

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